Wooden Stools

Suar Wood Stools with an Artisanal Touch

SMOKE® Suar Wood stools is made for the lifestyle connoisseur in mind. Importantly, it features raw metal and live wood edges to preserve their authentic and beautiful forms. Certainly, these solid stools are made for easy storage and convenience with stackable metal frames. Handcrafted in our Singapore workshop from premium solid Acacia, Mahogany, and Suar wood, no two pieces are the same. Here, the juxtaposition of natural wood with raw metal creates complements each other for rustic or modern interiors. Having our solid Suar wood stools in your home will be a conversational piece. In addition, our stools are handcrafted in Singapore by our master artisan with precision and care. With this, we ensure that our stools are unmatched elsewhere in terms of quality.
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wooden stools
Caleb Suar Wood stool

Caleb Suar Wood Stool
With Live Edge Dining Table

Caleb Silver Suar Wood Bench

Caleb Silver Wooden Stool
With Thanya Dining Table

wooden dining table with wooden stool

Caleb Silver Wooden Stool with Solid Suar Wood Dining Table

rickson dining table with bench and stools

Jason Designer Wooden Stool with Single Slab Wooden Dining Table

dining table with stool

Customised Caleb Black Wooden Stool with solid wood work table

Jacob Wooden Stools
With Dining Table

dining table with bench

Wooden Stool
With Suar Wood Table and Benches

Jason South American Walnut Stool

Suar wood stool on panel floor

Solid Wood Stool

Designer Jason Wooden Stool with Live Edge Suar Wood Table

Robson Suar Wood Bench & Customized Wooden Table with Jason Stool

Julian Suar Wood stool with metal base


Mahogany Wooden Stool

Wooden Stool Details


Suar Wood Stool

Wooden Stool Details
south american walnut stool square


South American Walnut Stool

Wooden Stool Details
Caleb Suar Wood stool


Suar Wood Stool

Wooden Stool Details


Suar Wood Stool

Wooden Stool Details
Jacob handcrafted stool

Handcrafted Designer Stools

Wooden Stools

wooden stool design
handcrafting stool

Jacob Suar Wood Stool

Jacob South American Walnut Stool

Functionality With Aesthetics

Our Suar wood stools is small enough to be tucked in a corner when not in use. Essentially,  stool chairs are a great way to add functionality to your living spaces without clutter. Furthermore, this multipurpose stool doubles up as an exquisite sidetable too. Ultimately, you will be able to find many uses for the Suar Wood stools. In fact, stools do not have to be boring – much like any other furniture. Instead, they are an opportunity for you to imbue your personality into your interior space. Take this chance to adorn your home with our compelling Suar wood stools!
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Sustainably Designed Suar Wood Stools

Responsibly sourced and certified, SuarwoodTable.com wood is highly sustainable and hence contributes to an eco-friendly home. Although responsibly harvested wood is a renewable source, we dedicate extra effort to utilizing recycled wood without compromising on quality as well. This effort reduces the carbon footprint and helps us fight against climate change.

Jason Suar Wood Stool

Suar Wood Stool Designer Singapore

Suar Wood Stool

Jason Wooden Dining Stool

Singapore Custom Suar Wood Stool

Customize Single Seater Stool With Suar Wood

Jason Designer Wooden Stool

natural edge south american walnut table

Handcrafted Solid Wood Stool