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Origins of Monkey Pod

Monkey Pod originated from Central and South America, it spans from Mexico through Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia. Today, it is widespread throughout the tropics and some regions of the United States of America like Florida and Hawaii. Monkey Pod is a rather peculiar name for a tree and many believed that this name came about from the fact that monkeys enjoyed gathering on these trees to savor the sweet seed pods. A handful also believes that this name came about from the scientific name, Pithecellobium, which means “monkey earring” in Greek.

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The botanical name for Monkey Pod is Samanea Saman.

Appearance of Monkey Pod

With a large umbrella-like canopy, the Monkey Pod Tree can grow to an astounding height of about 50 to 80 feet. It also grows about 100 feet to 200 feet in diameter. It makes an amazing tree to provide shade. Due to this shade-providing quality, they can be commonly found along roadsides and parking lots. These trees grow pink flowers in clusters that may resemble ‘powder-puffs’. Although monkey pods are usually found in tropical, seasonally dry climates, they can also thrive well in areas with regular rainfall. Hence, it is very adaptable and resistant to weather changes.

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Monkey Pod Table Details
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Monkey Pod Table Details
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Monkey Pod Table Details
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Benefits of Monkey Pod

Apart from being able to keep the ground shaded and cool, the monkeypod also nourishes the soil with nitrogen. This keeps the grass healthy and gives it a beautiful rich green hue. Some admirable qualities that make it a suitable choice of furniture material for craftsmen are that they have distinct textures and characteristics like the various knots and markings. They also grow really quickly with makes them an environmentally-friendly and commercially-friendly choice. The Monkey Pod tree has minimal shrinkage when drying, hence craftsmen appreciate this wood as they do not need to fret over degrading the wood. It is insect-resistant and rot-resistant. The grain pattern has a distinct and captivating contrast. With its straight-grained appearance and coarse texture, the Monkey Pod wood is a popular choice amongst designers and craftsmen.

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