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    Each piece of designer solid wood furniture is inspired by nature’s element and countless man hours are spend to bring the ideas come to life. Handcrafting using solid wood from African Mahogany, South American Walnut, Suar Wood, Monkey Pods , Teakwood brings premium quality to our design & made in Singapore furniture.

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    We are very selective of the material choices we make and together with our team uses sustainable solid wood from Singapore felled tree. Mindful of the land, the soil and its future beyond our own.

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    2328 HOURS

    Estimated hours of air-drying process time for all our solid wood. Air-drying maintains the best color of your wood. Kiln-drying, although quicker, tends to even out subtle differences in solid wood tones.

inspire suar wood table

The Origins of Suar Wood

Suar Wood originated from the South American region. The Botanical or Latin names for this tree are Albizia Saman and Samanea Saman. Giant Thibet, Cow Tamarind, East Indian Walnut, and Suar Wood are a few of the less popular names for this Suarwood Tree. Monkey Pod Tree, Rain Tree, Acacia, Parota, or South American Walnut are all also synonyms to Suar Wood.

Native to South America, namely countries like Peru, Panama, Venezuela, and Brazil, the Albizia Saman tree was brought over to Southeast Asia by Spanish Colonists during the middle of the 20th century. Today, Rain Tree can be found in various regions around the world and countries like Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii, Thailand, and also Indonesia.

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The Only Artisanal Solid Wood / Suar Wood Table Tops & Furniture Makers Gallery in Singapore

Suarwoodtable.com owns the largest customised solid wood /  Suar Wood gallery in Singapore, featuring a wide range of bespoke furniture that is exquisitely handcrafted. Suar Wood Table strive to provide exceptional art and experiences through artisanal and unconventional furniture. Many choices of solid wood slabs for selection and display. Showcasing an array of our artistically crafted solid wood designer furnitures and also solid suar wood table.

One of our specialisation includes authentic solid wood live-edge furniture and suar wood table. Which retains the organic and natural solid wood look and feel of the wood. We are also pioneer in our Shou Sugi Ban technique ( charring), bringing uniquely charred furniture to our customers. With over 20 years of experience in woodworking, our skilled team prides in creating artisanal and quality furniture.

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handcrafted suarwood table
live edge table slabs

Suar Wood Table Sustainability Efforts

Strongly believe in protecting our environment especially in an urban jungle like Singapore Responsibly sourced and certified, our solid wood is highly sustainable and hence contributes to an eco-friendly home. Moreover, we dedicate extra effort into utilizing recycled wood without compromising on its quality. This effort reduces the carbon footprint and helps us fight against climate change.

Suar Wood, commonly known as Rain Tree, is neither listed on the CITES Appendices nor the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This means that if responsibly and ethically sourced, they bring no harm to our environment. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate for some of our wood products certifies that our solid wood was obtained from eco-friendly sources. Under the NatureServe Conservation Status System, Rain Trees are ranked G5, meaning that they are widespread, in abundance, and also there are no risk of extinction.

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Our Work

raintree wood table and bench

Wooden Dining Table
with Benches

table stand in progress

Handcrafted Furnitures

handcrafted customize live edge dining table

Live Edge Dining Table

Kyrie Wooden Dining Chair with South American Walnut Dining Table

Handcrafted Single Slab South American Walnut Table

Designer Clare Bench with South American Walnut Dining Table

Suarwood Bench with Live Edge Solid Wood Dining Table

wooden dining table with bench
sleek wood table

Macgregor Dining Table Geometric

Rickson South American Walnut Table with Designer Jason Wooden Stool

Custom Live Edge South American Walnut Table with Clare Suar Wood Bench

Bespoke local reclaimed suar wood coffee table custom Singapore

Suarwood Coffee Table Made From Singapore Reclaimed Wood

Designer Coffee Table Singapore Reclaimed Suar Wood

Customise Single Slab 1.2m Suarwood Coffee Table

customized suar wood work desk

Suar Wood Work Desk Table

designer suar wood table

Art Suar Wood Table

hydraulic wooden desk

Suar Wood Work Desk

wooden live edge dining table

Wooden Dining Table
with Suar Wood Bench

Live Edge Suar Wood Dining Table

everly suar wood coffee table

Everly Suar Wood Coffee Table

chad suar wood coffee tables

Chad Suar Wood Coffee Table

Customize Suarwood Furniture From Singapore Felled Trees

Corporate Live Edge


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