Handcrafted Furniture

Handcrafted & Customisable Furniture Using Singapore Reclaimed Wood

In a world where most entrepreneurs opt for a Fordism method of business operations. We believe in producing Singapore custom bespoke furniture like no other. Fordism is whereby manufacturers invest in mass production or utilizing heavy machinery and equipment for their creations.
We at Suarwoodtable.com, invest ample time and effort into handcrafting the custom creation of each and every piece of the Singapore design and custom handmade furniture; specifically using sustainable raintree aka suar wood and mahogany wood. Each piece of designer table , furniture is inspired by nature elements and countless man hours to bring the ideas come to life. Courtesy of our remarkable and highly skilled master artisan with over 25 years of wood knowledge and creativity experience.

Handcrafted furniture Workshop
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore On Progress

Uniquely designed and handcrafted customised furniture

With an outstanding Singapore based design team using premium quality and variation of wood slabs, our custom handcrafted furniture are a truly unique work of art, and no two pieces are exactly the same. The grain pattern of each wood slab ensures that even seemingly identical stools or suar wood dining tables are distinctly unique if you take a closer look. Over the years, we have established a wide and diverse array of custom bespoke creations, ranging from furniture to inspiring home decorations and accessories.
Our works are far from conventional. suarwoodtable.com is a pioneer when it comes to the Organic and live edge tables in Singapore. Focusing on preserving the organic shape and cavities of the natural wood which would have being cut off and disposed. Our artisan will design and handcraft meticulously these normal looking slab into a customized statement pieces without failure.

Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Suar Wood Dining Table Using One Single Slab.
Water Pump Based Waterfall Suar Wood Dining Table
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Thanya Dining Table
Thanya Acacia Bench & Dining Table

Responsibly sourced wood

At suarwoodtable.com, we strongly believe in sustainable business practices. Hence, we give importance to protecting and sustaining our environment. Responsibly Singapore sourced reclaimed wood is our preferred choices and our suar wood table or furniture are highly sustainable and hence contribute to an eco-friendly home. Although responsibly harvested wood is a renewable source, we dedicate extra effort to utilizing recycled wood without compromising on quality as well. This effort reduces the carbon footprint and helps us fight against climate change. 

live edge dining table
Customise Alexander I Wooden Dining Table
Hand-Made Wooden Dining Chair Leg
standing work table
Wooden work Table Using Singapore Reclaimed Suar Wood
handmade wooden work table
Handcrafted Singapore Suar Wood Work Desk
handmade wooden bench
Singapore Reclaimed Suar Wood Coffee Table
suar wood bench
Natural Edge Handcrafted Suar Wood Wooden Coffee Table
wooden coffee table
Customise Wooden Coffee Table Made From Reclaimed Singapore Suar Wood
Handcrafted Side Table
Handcrafted Furniture Made From Singapore Reclaimed Wood
solid wood dining table
Natural Edge Handcrafted Suar Wood Wooden Dining Table and Bench
dining table with chair
Customise Wooden Dining Table with Wooden Chair and Bench
Side Table With Bamboo Legs
Handcrafted Bamboo Design Coffee Table Stand With Suarwood
solid wood bench with suar wood table
Live Edge Handcrafted Suar Wood Wooden Dining Table and Bench
dining table singapore
Handcrafted Suar Wood Wooden Sushi Tray Singapore
live edge suar wood dining table
Customise Wooden Sushi Tray made using Singapore Reclaimed Wood
raw material for wooden stool
Responsibly Singapore Sourced Raintree
handcrafted customade stool
Handcrafted Wooden Stool by Our Master Artisan
customise metal stand for stool
Custom-Made Metal Stand
Handcrafted Furnitures Totally Made From Singapore Reclaimed Wood
wooden live edge dining table
Caleb Wooden Stool with MacGregor Dining Table
Handcrafted Dining Table using Reclaimed South American Walnut
Caleb Silver Wooden Stool
Customized Live Edge Wooden Dining Table using Reclaimed Wood
handcrafted wooden table
Wooden Table Top Customise and Handcrafted in Singapore
solid wood table top
Handcrafted Solid Suar Wood Table Top
alexander stand with wooden table top
Live Edge Customised Solid Wood Dining Table
live edge dining table
Handcrafted Wooden Table Top Using Singapore Reclaimed Rain Tree
handcrafted wooden dining table
south american walnut wood table
Customise Designer Wooden Dining Table Handcrafted in Singapore
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Suar Wood
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore
Handcrafted Wooden Dining Table
Handcrafted Furniture Live Edge
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Bench Details
Handcrafted Furniture Singapore Live Edge Side Table
live edge wooden dining table
Bjorn Solid Wood Bench with Rickson Designer Dining Table
natural wood dining table
Custom Design Single Slab Dining Table That Tuck In Bjorn Bench For Space Saving Dining
self-made wood table
Natural Edge Customised Solid Wood Dining Table Handcrafted in Singapore
solid wood dining table singapore
Handcrafted 1.3m Wide Single Slab Wooden Dining Table
live edge dining table singapore
Natural Edge Customised Designer Solid Wood Dining Table
suar wood conference table
Handcrafted Singapore Suar Wood Conference Table
live edge conference table
Wooden Conference Table Handcrafted using Singapore Suar Wood
conference table singapore
3m long Singapore Solid Suar Wood Conference Table
suar wood dining table
Handcrafted Singapore Suar Wood Dining Table and Side Table
live edge wooden dining table
Live Edge Sustainable Suar Wood Dining Table
customized wooden dining table
Single Slab Solid Wood Dining Table Handcrafted in Singapore

Explore our range of suar wood tables , bench , chair , consoles and many other customized products that enamours you.

Arnold wooden console table with metal hinges


Wooden Console Table Collection Details
Julian Suar Wood stool with metal base


Wooden Stool Collection Details
Cliff live edge wooden coffee table


Wooden Coffee Table Collection Details
Vernon Rose Gold wooden bench


Wooden Bench Collection Details
Gandan wooden side table with metal legs


Wooden Side Table Collection Details
Garfunker live edge wooden dining table with wooden stools


Wooden Dining Table Collection Details